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Welcome to Mama's Catering and Event's Services

We are proud to offer great yet simple selection of always fresh and home made food, just like mama would at home for the family.Our goal is to provide the very best food and services for any special occasion and needs of our valued costumers.The food is made always fresh from the best ingredients, just like we would make for our family and friends.Our goal is to deliver only the best for you and your guests our valued customer.

Here is SHORT/COMPLETE list of our home made food:

Mama's Lasagna  Large (12-18) $79.95      Small (8-10)$ 44.95

Gluten free $85.99 Gluten free $50.00


The classic - made with meat sauce, fresh pasta and lot's of cheese,like no other

Veggie  with fresh baby spinach,mushrooms mozzarella and ricotta,choice of cream or tomato sauce

Gluten free  for the needs of our valued costumers,meat sauce or veggies,your choiceCannelloni--fresh ricotta,beef, spinach and pasta,baked in tomato sauce

Large (8-15) $75.00       Small (5-8) $40.00

Manicotti -- fresh pasta baby spinach ricotta cheese and our house tomato sauce,baked to perfectio

Large (8-15) $75.00      Small (5-8,) $40.00

Cannelloni---fresh spinach, mozzarella and ricotta chees , ground beef and house tomato sauce

Large (8-15)$75.00.  Small(5-8)40.00

Penne al forno-  baked with cheese and tomato sauce,good for any occasion

Large (15-20) $50.00        Small(6-10) $35.00

add chicken or beef 65.99   add chicken or beef 45.00

Penne Alfredo  creamy Alfredo sauce,lot's of grated parmesan,can add grilled chicken breast                                     Large(15-20) $55.00              Small (6-10) $35.00

                                      with chicken $65.00                   with chicken $45.00

                         PASTA  PARTY  MEAL'S 

All the party meals include choice of salad, roll's and butter. Price's are per person with minimum of 8 people,and 24-48 hour notice i

All the pasta party meals include choice of salad(Italian, Greek. Caesar) plus buns and butter

Lasagna -$10.99

  Penne al forno--$9.99

Cannelloni- 10.99      Penne Alfredo --$11.99

Manicotti --$10.99            Penne and sauce $8.99

 MAMA'S CLASSIC ALL Occasion MEALS           

Breaded Chicken Parmesan - with house tomato  sauce and cheese                          $ 14.99

Grilled Chicken Breast   - served with mushroom champagne sauce                            $14.99

Herbs Roasted Chicken - marinated with fresh herb's and spices                                  $13.99

Roast Black Angus Beef  - oven roasted to perfection, served with gravy                       $16.99

Whole New York Strip loin - seared to perfection,sliced and served au jus or with gravy $19.99

Whole Roasted Beef Tenderloin - with porcine mushrooms and caramelized shallots.  Market price

ALL THE CLASSIC MEALS Include CHOICE OF SALAD (garden,   Greek or Caesar) ROLLS AND Butter,CHOICE OF POTATO(roasted,mushed,or Parisian), VEGETABLES

  Prices are per person and minimum of 8 people,24-48 hour notice is required.


   CHEESE ASSORTMENT. old cheddar,  Asiago,Gouda and brie,presented with fresh fruit garnish and served with cracker

Large (25-30) $90.00


Small (10-15)$60.00

Veggie tray broccoli,   cauliflower,celery,baby carrots,cucumber,grape tomato and bell peppers served with choice of dip.

Large(25-30) $60.00

Medium(15-20) $50.00

Small (10-15) $40.00

FRESH Fruit Plater .  strawberries,     pineapple,melon,kiwi,grapes,cantaloupe and mango

Large(25-30) $60.00

Medium(15-20) $50.00

Small(10-15) $40.00

MAMA'S ANTIPASTO  assortment of marinated veggies,   black, and green olives,artichokes,prosciutto,salami and marinated boccancini cheese

Large(25-30) $99.99

Medium(15-20) $75.00

Small (10-15) $50.99


Italian,    Caesar,Greek,Veggie,Potato,Penne,and Cheese Tortellini with pesto.

Large (25-30) $55.00

Medium (15-20) $45.00

Small (10-12) $35.00

                                           MAMA'S CANNOLIS,Cookies AND SQUARES

The best cannolis in town, sold by piece ($2.40) or by dozen ($26.00) always fresh

Bite size dessert squares, tarts and cookies

Large tray(70 pieces) $55.00

Medium tray(50 pieces) $45.00

Small tray(30 pieces) $35.00


Mama's make your own hot Italian sandwiches buffet,same great sandwiches just made by you in your office or home (veal,    chicken, meatball, eggplant, steak)and all the works (onions,peppers,mushrooms,provolone cheese) with house sauce,parmesan and jalapenos,2 smaller buns per person,

$12.00 per person (8 person minimum)

Deli lovers your choice of assorted cold sandwiches and wraps 2 side salads and fruit or dessert tray

$12.99 per person (8 person minimum)

Sandwich basket  choice of assorted sandwiches

$7.99 per person  (8 person minimum)

All prices plus applicable taxes and delivery charges may apply